February 15th, 2007

thoughtful - counterglow

January 31 - Drawer full of evil contraptions invented by men.

January 31I missed a great shot earlier this morning, so I took this in its place...

I'd dressed in a skirt for work, complete with nylons, and man it was unusually annoying today.  And then they got a run, in the thigh area.   After consulting with gracie, it was decided they must come off, pronto.  And at 3 pm, I wandered into the bathroom and surreptitiously took them off.

... and then realized later I should have taken a picture of the nylons in the garbage can at work.   Oh well!
KH - moments in between

February 1 - scenery

February 1I took off early from work because I was plum tuckered, and STILL there are single men in cars going up to the scenic outlook!

Crazy, man.
Chilly says I should go check them out, because if guys knew of a place where girls went to make out with each other, the guys would be all over it!