January 31st, 2007

glitter M

January 26 - Dreamation 2007

January 26Held at the Hilton in East Brunswick - good times for an entire weekend.

This was, basically, my whole weekend - and it was SO much fun.  A bunch of people from the meetup came, and so the obligation to meet new people was a little diminished, which is always good in my book - it's nice to meet new people when I don't have to.

The list o' games I played:

  • Puerto Rico

  • Frag

  • Alhambra

  • Cutthroat Uno (2 hours of uno! aie!)

  • Wooly Bully (I am the regional champ! go me!)

  • Shear Panic

  • Blokus

  • Cosmic Wimpout

  • Ca$h'n Gun$

  • Palabra

  • Jungle Speed

  • Coloretto

  • Pirate's Cove, arrrr

  • Carcassone (fun with two players!)

  • Pass the Pigs

  • Dawn Under

  • Fearsome Floors

  • Taboo

  • Robo Rally

  • Dodge Bowl

Games I wish I played but overslept or had other choices:
  • The Great Dalmuti

  • Bang!

  • Amun-Re

  • Mystery at the Abbey

  • Citadels

  • Medici

  • Blue Moon City

  • Bohnanza

  • Sieben Siegel

giant in a small world - counterglow

how can i resist?

Sent to me by a friend of mine:
[Fr.] Matt, rest assured I am not scheduled to lead the prayers of the people again next week.
Rumor has it this has been approved by the Catholic archdioese, under pressure from none other than Jr. Hizzoner Richie himself, for use next Sunday. (Or not.)

Our Papa

Who art a Bear

Hallowed be dy fame

Dy championship come,

Dy play be run,

At home as it is away,

Give us dis day our Sunday win,

And forgive us our turnovers,

Dough we pounce on dose who turnover against us,

And lead us not into da fourt and long,

But deliver us from Krenzel.

In the name of Da Ditka, Da Butkus and Da Holy Payton. As it was in
'85 so shall it be in 2007, reign wit-out end.


Let's go Bearzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!