January 19th, 2007

happy bunny - crazy doesn't cover it

January 16, 2007 - cinnammmmmmon dolce latte

January 16, 2007Well, I got braver and took a photograph in my starbucks of choice - with the flash on, even.  I really quite like this picture, and it's of my current favorite drink ever (yes, even more than the caribou coffee campfire mochas).  Plus, if you get it with skim milk and the sugar free syrup, it's only 120 calories!  You have to get it without whip, for that number of course, so I have them toss in a splenda while they're making it to make up for the lack of whipped cream.  So yes, I have to manage to get the phrase, "Grande cinnamon dolche latte, skim, sugar-free syrup and add a splenda" out while I'm half conscious in the morning.  Somehow I manage.

Mmmm, divine.