January 17th, 2007

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January 13 - rat race

Tony[note - the first two pictures you see displayed are not the picture of the day]

Saturday was a very busy [but fun!] day for me.  First, I got up at the crack of nine am, as BG(pictured left) was heading out my way from Pennsylvania so that I could use my skeelz with style to help him pick out a dapper suit.  Turns out he was waiting for me to wake up, so he ended up arriving around 11:30am, and we headed off for sushi at this place I've heard raves about.

Or not.  That place was not open yet.  Well, hey, the melting pot is just down the street! 

... or not, as well - they were only open for dinner, even on weekends.  Boo!  So, we wandered down the street and tried a random sushi joint, which was not bad.

After our seafood delight, it was off to the local mall to acquire a suit.  First stop, Bloomies, which was a very short stop as they were well outside what BG was looking to spend for a suit.  However, we did pick up the little nugget that grey is not a very good color for winter, as everyone looks washed out already due to the lack of sunshine, and you need a darker color to give you a little oomph.

Next stop, Lord & Taylor, which had some fine suits on clearance.  I convinced BG to try a brighter blue than he usually does, and he looked smashing in it.  We decided to put it on hold, and head to Macy's, just to see what else was out there.  Lo, and behold, all suits were 50% original prices.  Score!  We again found a really great CK suit, and an Armani one I did not like as much, and the salesman had so much faith in my style abilities (thanks Stacey and Clinton!) he mostly left us alone.   Thankfully, BG also found the CK suit to his liking and with my enabling help, decided to purchase that. 

After a perusal of the ties and shirts section, we headed out of the mall, and to a winery store as Pennsylvania is super bass ackwards when it comes to liquor laws and wine selections.  Since I can't watch BG put all these great wines in his basket and not buy anything, I ended up with 4 bottles as well, and we proceeded home.

On the way home, there's this "scenic outlook" that is 1/4 of the mile from the turn to my house, and I've always wanted to go up and see what was there, but it was either a) dark, since I'm coming home from work and the outlook is closed or b) I'm by myself and feel slightly dumb going up there by myself.   Well, since BG was with me, he got dragged up to see this with me.

Color us both gobsmacked to find not an empty parking lot, but one filled with about 6 cars, each with a guy inside reading a paper or a book or something.   And then as we were sitting there for 30 seconds, another one pulled in, with another lone dude inside.  Weeeeeird.  

BG says to me, "Oh this is totally a gay sex hookup."[ed: the rest is paraphrased here]
Me: "Whaaaa?"
BG: "You know, where a bunch of guys come up to have gay sex"
Me: "NOoooo WAY!"
BG: "Oh what ELSE could it be?"
Me: "No way! It's the middle of the day!!"
BG: "I will bet you a million sklansky dollars it totally is"

... he says this as we are driving back down the hill and not one but TWO more cars with a single guy in them drive up ...

BG: "Oh come on, that first dude, he was so TOTALLY gay"
Me: "But it's the middle of the DAY!   In like, surburban Jersey! NOOooooooooo"
BG: "Who can we call to prove this to you?"

We call April, who has the gay roommate, because she'd know.   She picks up and Tony only gets halfway through the story when she says to me, "Oh honey, that's totally a gay hookup."

My poor head.   Not, to clarify, at the thought of gay sex, but in the middle of the DAY!  In Jersey!  Off an interstate!  ... oh my head.

Then, after seeing Tony off, it was time to head off to the train station to meet Gus [now new and improved] and Kat (below, right)downtown for dinner before the IHO tournament, as shopping got done sooner than I expected.  After getting turned around trying to find the Borders where G&K were hanging out, Kat asked, "So, what do you feel like for dinner?"  I mentioned that I really didn't have a preference.  So, of course Kat said, "Well, we found some good sushi places on the walk here..."
Gus & Kat
me: "... except that! I just had sushi for lunch!" 

Anyway, we walked towards the F train station and stopped in a random irish pub for dinner, which was tasty shepherd's pie for Gus and I, and pasta carbonara for Kat, and caught up while watching the end of the Patriot's game.  I mentioned I was doing this project 365 deal, and explained what it was.  Kat mentioned it was too bad that she didn't know about it at the beginning of the year and we informed her that she could just do a project 350 or so if she wanted; hopefully she'll do a project: Feb.

We then ran the waitress down for the check, and headed to the F train (right).   As we're waiting for the train, and after I took the above picture, Gus looks into the railbed and says "Now THERE's your picture of the day right there!"   So, I looked, and saw the following, and how could I not take the picture?  [note, not really for the easily grossed out, and blame gus, not me]

January 13

So yeah, cannibalistic rats and gay sex hookups in one day, top that!