January 15th, 2007

who makes the world go round

January 11, 2007 - X-Rated

January 11, 2007 When I went down to AC for New Year's Eve, Colleen had brought a bottle of X-Rated liqueur,  which she said was good stuff.  And oh, my word, it is.  It's very sweet, so you need to cut it with something like sprite, and then since it's only 34 proof, you often want to add a little vodka to it separately to get a little kick (but it is good on its own).

So, I came back to New Jersey and started looking in the liquor stores for this ambrosia.  Wegmans? No.  Berkeley Heights chichi wine place? No.  Then I remembered that my realtor (source of all great local information) she shopped at the small liquor store that I pass by when I get coffee before work, so a couple days before this shot (I didn't drink THAT much in one sitting, thank you), I checked out that store, and stood in awe of all the different froo-froo drinks available, and they had my lovely X-Rated.

So, I made myself a fruity pink drink, and I think when I go get a refill of this, I'll take a picture of the selection of day-glo cocktails available.