October 16th, 2006


be careful what you ask for...

from an IM conversation today:

me: back later, need to go trip my client
me: I didn't mean LITERALLY, GOD!
me: do you get workmans comp for falling down the stairs?
frignabler: I'm fuzzy on the law.
me: good thing i sit next to the HR person

[walking next door]
me, in a light tone because humor is important: Hey, so do I file workman's comp if I trip down the stairs?
HR: Oh don't do that!!
me: Uhh, a little too late, I already did...
HR: Oh my gosh, really? Are you ok? I thought you were joking!!

... so I am filing a workman's comp report just in case. And now I have to make sure I can change my benefits thanks to the move. Of course the stupid SAP system is hosing me up entirely.