December 19th, 2005


birthdays and music

Happy birthday pockeee!

I'm on a new music kick right now, thanks to helixx and miggy, and I'm seriously adoring The Dandy Warhols, but I've also found the Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy soundtracks. If you don't have these, I highly recommend them, they have Mike Doughty, Tegan & Sara, the ditty bops, and my current favorite song which I will share with you: The Faders - No Sleep Tonight. Get it while it's hot.

Also, I'm reminded of an old favorite which is appropriate to being a girl in the poker world: Imani Coppola - Legend of a Cowgirl

Also, I am a razz queen. Thank you drive through.
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    Sheryl Crow - Soak Up The Sun