November 10th, 2005

giant in a small world - counterglow

i am a bad, bad girl

thisisnotapril: staying up late to play poker is a bad thing?
thisisnotapril: i am so fucked
thisisnotapril: or, i can just start telling guys "I'm a bad bad girl"
thisisnotapril: :)
maigrey: when you have to work the next day on 2.5 hours sleeeep?
maigrey: yea
maigrey: i'm a bad bad girl


I might write more, but "a tale of four sets" may have to wait for another day.

Also, do not read badblood's posts while drinking coffee. Monitor spewage might occur. Pass the sausage indeed.
Also, also, one of the floor managers at Trump finished second in the PokerStars $500k guaranteed tourney on Sunday. Uber cool. If anyone has suggestions on how to cash out such a large sum, please email me.

UPDATED: if anyone who reads this that works at full tilt and can do anything about it: MORE HORSE TOURNEYS PLZ! this two a day stuff is NOT ENOUGH.