November 1st, 2005

you and you're

Throw off a cliff results

Wow, I didn't expect so many responses, that's great!

Interesting fact -all 5 women I talked to (including me) would a) marry Jen H, b) sleep with tilly and c) toss Clonie. The guys' opinions were more mixed, and Clonie's really got the love on her side.

This is late as I'm totally exhausted from a late night HORSE session where I happily cleaned up despite going down a whole buyin within the space of an hour. I still hate O8 but I hate it less when it gets 5-handed. And I got to scoop quite a few monster Stud/8 pots, including rivering the wheel on Mike when he counterfeited his low - when mike and I are in a S/8 pots, the pots are HUGE. I still don't know how some people win in that game though.

I'll probably be playing HORSE again tomorrow, too, with any luck, but I'm definitely going home earlier than I did last night.

Ok, the guy Marry/Sleep With/Throw off a cliff game players:

1. Daniel Negranu
2. Phil Gordon
3. Erick Lindgren

ready set GO!

Tomorrow, for those non poker players, I'll have the all-skate edition with regular ol' celebrities.