September 14th, 2005

KH - creepy obsessive boyfriend

MMmm, Fall TV

I found a great fall 2005 TV grid, as the premires are starting up, and I need to figure out what I'm programming my TiVos with. Which also means I'm going to have to buy my TV to replace the broken TV downstairs tonight, or bring the 2nd tivo upstairs asap.

What Heather's going to be watching this fall (all times central, of course): [and you'll notice that I, unlike someone I know have ZERO reality tv shows in my programming lineup.]



Tuesday: (what a network nightmare! Could they schedule any more good shows in one time slot?)

  • 7 pm: nada

  • 8 pm: Veronica Mars!!! So excited! And probably E-Ring as I have a weakness for Benjamin Bratt. But oooooh, Chris O'Donnell in Head Cases

  • 9 pm: Enh, maybe CSI- NY, but I haven't been watching it.


  • Is there anything actually watchable on this night?? Can we maybe move some of the Tuesday shows here? Helloooooo.

  • See Friday