August 22nd, 2005

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Weekend update

bradoween == awesome.

I may write more, but the highlight of my weekend was losing in a chip challenge to a 5 year old blood, and watching the same miniBlood say, "I'm gonna put you all in Mr. ALL IN"

I was also really pleased to meet a ton of new people and to really discuss theory of poker with DoubleAs, who is a most cool guy, even when he isn't talking poker. I don't just say that because he doubled me up during the Friday cash game, either. Btw, D - haven't heard back from lawyerboy yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

April, Gracie and I are looking into purchasing a centrally located developmental property where we can force all our favorite bloggers to move, and then we can have the fun of these gatherings ALL THE TIME!

And now, time to grab dinner before my sister drags me off to HER poker game (yes, she's gotten the bug, too), where she says they're all scared of me. Maybe I'll have to take the G-Rob approach to poker...