June 16th, 2005

primary butterflies


I'm not playing that much poker these days, and I'm actually staying away from Hold 'em, playing mostly Razz on Full Tilt, or O8 on Party for low stakes so I can practice these "other games" Felicia talks about.

She wasn't kidding when she says you can just play the rock solid nuts and you'll get paid.

I have AdQd KcQc in the big blind, so hell yah, I raise so the other 6 people in have to pay something. Cut off re-raises, so I cap that baby, and look at a beooooutiful flop of:

5h Kd Jd

I bet, I get everyone calling me. Turn is a Td. Chaching! I have the rock solid mortal nuts - no low is going to hit the board, and quads can't even beat me, so I check, hoping someone else has a worse flush and bets. Of course, guy two to my left does so, I get 3 folders, so I check raise, and get not one, but two callers! That's right, the guy to my left cold calls two bets.

I don't remember what the river is, but I bet it, and I get two callers. Guy to my direct left has 2 pair (!!), guy to his left has a baby flush.

That's right, kiddies, ship that $93 pot all to MEEEEEE!!