June 9th, 2005

get fuzzy love

chicken little

maigsy: i have a problem
chrisdhal: what's that
maigsy: I have run out of things to READ ONLINE
chrisdhal: you've reached the end of the internet

dammit, I knew it'd have to happen sooner or later. C'mon, slackers, give me something to READ!
giant in a small world - counterglow

Flickr help

Ok, LJ brain trust - I'm thinking about setting up a Flickr group for all the WPBT pictures, but I can't decide what group type is most appropriate, private, semi-private or public.

http://www.flickr.com/groups_create.gne explains the types of groups.

Public is pretty much out, as we don't want random people to be joining and posting pictures, right?

I'm starting to lean towards private, as that way we might be able to post the pictures of Those Who Do Not Wish To Be Seen, but also so that Joe Random can't browse the pictures and see us in all our glory.

But maybe that would be ok...

Has anyone had any experience with flickr groups?

I mean, would anyone even want to consolidate all the pictures into a group? I hope so, because I know /I/ didn't take enough pictures...