June 6th, 2005


WBPT update part I

I survived the weekend and am currently sitting on my hour long flight to Phoenix where I will attempt to be coherent and professional and not dance on any tables.

The weekend was, of course, pretty great. I didn’t get to play the bigger limit games that I wanted to play, but that was a small disappointment in a sea of exceeded expectations, and unexpected suprises.

I’m just going to say it right now: I love the wives! This was by far the most unexpected and pleasant surprise to meet 5 of the most amazing women I didn’t know, and wasn’t expecting to hang out with at all. I certainly never expected to turn down an opportunity to play poker in order to go on escapades with these women, and that’s the highest compliment there is for a poker player. You heard it right here, these women are cooler than poker in Vegas.

I suppose if I really thought about it, I should have realized that these women had to be pretty fantastic to put up with degenerate gamblers, right? Thank you to Eva (Mrs. Hang), Michelle (Mrs. Otis), Beth (Mrs. G-Rob), Kristie (Mrs. Blood) and Rachel (Mrs. Head) for making the trip and making my Vegas experience unforgettable.

Now, more for jogging my memory later, the weekend in bullet point format:

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Friday, Saturday and Sunday to come, it's late, the plane ride was short, and I need to get up tomorrow. Suffice it to say there was lots of drinking, screaming "PAIGOW!!", dancing on bars and slutty tiaras involved.
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Desperately needed invention

Why has modern technology not introduced a caffeine patch yet? Ineed an IV drip of caffeine to stay awake in this meeting, and that's a little tricky at the moment.

We've got the nicotine patch, why not caffeine? Seriously, can you imagine the money we'd make - people spend $4 a day at least on a froo froo coffee, and if they could get their hit faster and easier, wouldn't you try it? :)

update: because seriously, if they made these, I'd buy a box and start wearing them all OVER