April 6th, 2005

primary butterflies

Downtown Blues

Today's the face-to-face meeting with verizon, which means I'm downtown working today and I'll need to come back tomorrow as well. As I've said before, I'm not really sure how people do this on a daily basis, as I manage to lose 2.5 hours per day in commute time alone, and the downtown office is only 5 blocks from the train station.

Of course, I cut it way too close today, so I'm sure I'll have a ticket for parking, as the train pulled up as I was halfway through the parking lot, so I didn't get a chance to pay before I got on the train, as I barely got on board. Overheated, I made my way upstairs and pulled out Wicked- The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and my iPod.

I think I need to make my way upstairs all the time because there's a) more room, as there's space for coats and a rack for my massively huge laptop bag and b) more personal space, as the seats are either only 1 seaters, or since fewer people make the trek upstairs you're able to have open seats on at least one side of you and I don't feel so squished.

Of course, working downtown means I can't entertain myself online via Party while listening to (generally) Very Boring Conference calls. I suppose I'm going to have to get used to that once this project is up and I'm going back into the office more often anyway. So as a protest to working downtown, I've spent the morning reading poker blogs instead while on conference calls. Ha.

And, despite being downtown, I'm not giving a certain someone a heads up that I'm down here. Double Ha.

Bad Beats

Ok, while I'm on a conference call and only allowed to browse websites instead of playing poker, I went to espn.go.com to try and find out which events were going to be televised by ESPN this year (as I'm debating which event to go play in; I'm leaning towards the June 3rd $1,500 event, although if I'm wild and crazy there's always the $2,500 short handed event, but I digress), and I found out that Phil Gordon is writing columns for them. The one I started reading was called 'Bad, bad beats'.

In it, he had some very good words to note:

Here is a really simple fact I try to keep in mind: great players experience more bad beats than bad players. Great players get their money into the pot with the best hand and the suckers are forced to draw out. As a corollary, great players rarely deliver a bad beat: they almost never get their money into the pot drawing slim.

I bring this up because I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, who was bewailing his series of bad beats online. My response was, "If you're getting your money in with the best hand, you're playing right and you shouldn't stop." This didn't make him feel much better, but then he kicked my butt in the home tourney by flopping a full house, and that probably did the trick.

For those of you poker bloggers out there, I was more than a little amused when he went on to say:

Here's the bottom line in Hold'em: you're almost never quite as far ahead as you think you are. Ac -- Kc vs. 7h -- 2h? The Ace-King will take a "bad beat" about 30.697% of the time. That is almost 1 out of 3 times.

Who knew the suited hammer was so powerful?!