February 16th, 2005

in bed

A short poker story

I'm cutting and pasting from an email I sent to my friend who manages the poker room I play in, since it tells the story and is easier than rewriting...

What an absolutely crazy (but good) night! M and A.D. were both in their poker lesson moods, and M gave me two or three really good tips that made me a LOT of money. One - how to play your big pocket pair when the damn over card comes up on the flop, and two - a huge tell on Spider when he's bluffing. He told me that one when Spider was in a pot with another player and was bluffing, but the guy actually folded, M said that both he and A.D. knew that Spider was bluffing because of a big tell he had, so when it was heads up with him and I in a pot, and I was betting out with my AQo, flop Q 8 3 rainbow, he called, turn was another 3, I bet, he raised, I called, and then the river was a blank, I bet $200 into a $1k pot and he raised me another $600, I wasn't sure I could call until I took a look at him and he was exhibiting the EXACT same tell that M told me about and I said "Ugh, I have to call you" and flipped up my cards, he said 'that's good' and I got to take the pot down. HOLY CRAP! :) Without that lesson from M, it was 50-50 on me folding to such a big bet.

And that little tip from M netted me my biggest pot of the night - $2,000 or so. WOW.