November 26th, 2003

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So, I took my car in Monday to get the regular service done on it and to see why my check engine light keeps going on. I get a call about 11:00 saying that the light is on because there's a bug in the chip code (!! something not to say to someone in IT!) and they need to have it taken over to the dealer to have the code upgraded.

... about 2:30, I still haven't heard back from the car people, and I give them a call, and after I get voice mail and get called back at 3, I'm told they're still diagnosing the car. I call again at 4 to see what the status is, because my ride's going to drive me to the car place around 5:15, 5:30. My ride is ready to go at 5:15, so we leave and I get a call that they're STILL diagnosing my car and I should get a car from enterprise and they'll, ha ha pick me up from work. Of course, I'm in the car with my ride, so we make a detour and just stop at Enterprise.

The next day, I don't hear from the car guys until I call them at 11 am, they say that there's something wrong with the exhaust, and they're waiting for the dealer to fax them over the replacement list so they can see if it's on extended warranty. The drill continues, with it being 2:30 and I don't hear from them and I finally get a call back at 2 minutes to 4 and the guy says that they didn't get a good list and they want to call it into corporate to see if this is covered by the warranty or if the will cover part because it's a one thousand dollar bill. NNnngh. But, I can keep my rental car and they'll pick the bill up for that, too.

And now it's 11:41 AM and I still don't know if the part is covered under warranty, and I really do need my car back by thanksgiving.
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