August 29th, 2003

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I think I've come to the realization today that perhaps I'm enjoying being the martyr too much with my job. I enjoy being too busy to have a life; it allows me to feel needed and useful. But I think it's actually making me slightly ill, and I need to go back to finding a balance with my life.

So starting on the 1st, I'm going to get balance back into my life. I'm going to get back to doing projects around the house, and taking care of me. I don't want to come home at six and feel so exhausted that I'll I'm good for is lazing on the couch and watching some TV and going through email. I need to find some work routines and start getting back to my home routines. I'm much happier when I'm balanced.

And on that note, I'm going to really take some vacation. I'm going to take off some time in late September to go to DC -- maybe I'll (providing hosts are willing) stay longer and visit more people and THIS time belle and I will actually have lunch.

Then in october I shall take some time off for myself to go to a retreat, and I'll take a couple days on either end of that to have 'me' time.

And on the first/second week of november, I want to go to the West Coast, in the SD area, since I've been so graciously offered some crash space. I'd love to see the LA/SD folks out there! I may even have to rent a car to get around to see everyone.

And then, in December, I am thinking of perhaps going down to Atlanta, as I hear it's not so hot and muggy at that time of the year. Of course, I want to clear that with *cough* certain Atlantians first, eh? Or I could do seattle, or Vegas...

And perhaps by then I'll have all my balance back. Don't get me wrong, I do like my job, I just can't let it consume me. But I'm going to use this weekend to get all the Things I Need To Do for Work done, and then I'll be set to get my life back.

Of course, this could all be me procrastinating staining my deck...
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primary butterflies

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