August 22nd, 2003

primary butterflies

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I wish my outlook would move at a faster pace than a snail, but alas, it does not seem to wish to do this.

I'm very fond of having the ability to work from home, though, it makes being patient just that much easier when I can do something while waiting for the computer.

This whole lotus notes thing is definitely an exercise in learning how to be patient.

written last nighth

It's a friday night and I'm sitting out here on my deck, with my dog, my laptop, and a Bacardi O3. As seems usual for my bits of writing time, I'm currently waiting for my computer to load outlook. So I might as well use some of this time for "productive" measures.

I'm sitting here watching my dog, and he totally makes me smile with his crazy antics -- how, unless he's starving, he won't go eat unless enticed with the ball that rewards him with kibble, how he's not sure wht to do when he's off his leash on my enclosed deck, and how he puts his whole heart and soul into playing fetch -- including taking flying leaps off my deck instead of using the stairs.

I need these small moments in my day; I think they're what keeps me going among the insanity of my current job, the stress the deadlines, the computer worms, the broken computers, the constant barrage of emails that require me to go offline to catch up on. But, despite all that, I come home, and my dog loves me and is happy to see me.

A coworker is thinking about getting a dog, and it just made me start looking at all the pets that are out there, and I would love another dog to play with the wrigster, but I just don't think I'll get as lucky the second time -- when I find a dog who's amazingly crate trained, doesn't jump, doesn't bark (much), and whose major flaw is that he has a drinking problem (and drools water all over the kitchen), I think I'd do well to quit while I'm ahead.

Oh, foo. I forgot I was going to call and see Baby William, who came home from NICU this week. I wonder if bacardi cooler thingies keep or if they go flat.

(update: didn't need to worry about the question, as zen_raven drove in her swanky rental car)