July 20th, 2003

primary butterflies


There are no words to describe how bone dead tired I am; I'm just not sleeping well. Too many woories and issues that I'm worrying and fretting about, made all the worse because I can't do anything about it.
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I really hope I'm not coming down with something; I've been feeling rather under the weater and all I want to do is sleep. Of course, that could be because I'm slightly stressed, and I'll get over it if I give myself enough sleepin' time. I've been taking plenty o' baths, and that's been helping somewhat, too.

I've been somewhat productive this weekend -- though I'm never as productive as I hope to be; I got the new screen door installed, complete with (hopefully) wrigley-proof screen guard, so I can now get a cross breeze going in the house again, thank goodness. I also cranked out the rest of my home blessing, and brushed the dog's teeth, shoudl he's starting to get gingivitis, and some weird gunk is accumulating in his back molars (both sides, so this may be somewhat normal? it's not just one tooth); Looks like he'll need to be subjected to teeth brushing at least every other day for a while. It's not that he hates getting his teeth brushed, he just loves the taste of the toothpaste so much that it's hard to brush the teeth for the big honking tongue trying to lick up all the toothpaste.

Today was more relaxing; I was thinking of going to see Pirtes of the carribean with my mom, but my tiredness set in. So, instead, I went to lunch with the girls at Egg Harbor (yum) after church, and then lazed about talking to my mom for a bit. And then she asked questions about how I implement my organization system, and I could tell she's falling into the trap of needing to have The Perfect System set up before she does anything about it. And you just can't do that -- you have to go with a system and just use it based on the 80/20 rule: it takes 20% of the total effort to get 80% of it right.

So me being the utterly impatient person I am, sighed, and after a bit, went up to set up her outlook with categories and views so that she could get started on processing things. And she desperately wants an 'At Computer' inbox to sit near her computer, and I kept having to tell her that she doesn't get to have that; you can have multiple inboxes (i have one for each level of the house), but all your next actions need to go in one list, not a list and then a pile of paper by the computer and a pile of paper by the kitchen and a pile of paper in the dining room -- that's how you got into this mess in the first place! But, she is making an effort, and I think that the couple hours I spent talking about how I make outlook use my system helps...

anyway, back to the evening routine, in the hopes that I get to sleep by 10:30; provided that The Amber Spyglass lets me fall asleep and doesn't hook me in and keep me awake.

... and I kind of want ice cream.