July 15th, 2003

primary butterflies

Baths and Movies

So not last weekend but the week before, I finally got around to making myself the bath-salts goodness. I made small batches of the following:
  • ginger-lime

  • grapefruit peppermint

  • orange ginger

  • orange cinnamon

  • Lime

  • Lemon lime

So far, I've tried the ginger-lime and the orange-cinnamon, and they're both pretty good, plus, I know I like the lime, as it's a re-make of a previous recipe. I need to make some orange-vanilla creamsicle bath salts, and then I'll be done with this run. Mm mm.

I also went out and bought some 12"x12" decorative papers and such at Michael's, so I can make some bath salt packets. Maybe I'll even be inspired to send out samples to people. Maybe.

I also took advantage of the 4th of July weekend to overdose on movies. As I mentioned previously, I went to see X-Men2 and Legally Blonde2 on the 3rd, and then that Sunday, after helping my mom move everything in her house and more, I went to see the Italian Job and Alex&Emma. Alex and Emma, alas, deserved all the critic's panning of the movie, because despite the fact that it has Luke Wilson and Kate Hudson -- two actors I generally find endearing -- the movie was yawn boring. The Italian Job, however, was the only movie out of the four that I left the theater thinking, "Now that was a good movie". I'd love to be Charlize Theron for a week, because she just seems to be So Damn Cool. Plus, Seth Green is my new boyfriend (again).