July 4th, 2003


Oxymoronic day

yesterday was both a day of being stern with myself and also treating myself, an oxymoron type of day.

I was tired of seeing the scale inch higher for the past few days, and took a look at what I was eating, and it was way too much crap. So, for this weekend, despite it being a holiday weekend, I decided that I am going to be firm with myself and remind my body that it was supposed to be losing weight, not gaining it. This involved myriad conversations with myself that generally went like this:

stomach: I'm a bit hungry here, you know.
brain: deal with it, we're on a budget today, and you just had something to eat an hour ago.
stomach: but come on! that was an HOUR ago! I want something to eat!
brain: you're not getting anything to eat until lunch, so get over it and quit whining.
stomach: don't make me go all grumbly on you!
brain: Mind over stomach today, buddy. Here have some water, lunch is only 2 hours away.
stomach: mmph. this sucks. *grumble*
brain: Nyah nyah I can't HEEEAR yooooou!

So, in order to help my brain keep itself distracted from the whiny stomach, I treated myself by going shopping for a while. I went to Ulta and got a few things, and then to bath and body works for some foot spa fizz stuff. And, I was all about the willpower today, as I got out of B&BW with ONLY the one item, despite drooling over everything there for a half an hour (their new scent, Coconut Lime Verbena is yummy. Of course, they'll be out of it by the time I get through all the other B&BW stuff I have; I'm determined not to buy any more body wash or body lotion until I'm done with all my stash.)

Then I went grocery shopping, and proceeded to come home and take a nap for 30 minutes, where I decided going to see two movies that night was good enough; I didn't need to try for three. So the dog and I hung out for a while, and I made lemon cheesecake bars for today and gaming tomorrow.

Then, I treated myself to go see Legally Blonde 2 and X-Men 2. Both of which were good, but I didn't leave the theater saying, "wow, what a great movie!". Of course, I don't know if any movie has made me say that in a while; certainly The Matrix:Reloaded didn't give me that feeling.

And now, I'm hanging out in the basement with the dog, to work on getting psychokitty accustomed to him, as I feel bad leaving him crated up in the 3re (and thus the warmest) story crate while I work downstairs in the cooler basement.

And it's day two of Brain vs. Stomach, though I've let the Brain know that Stomach may receive one cheesecake bar, one Skyy Blue and one Bacardi O to celebrate the holiday, otherwise we're sticking with water and the chicken breast I have marinating right now. Go go gadget brain!