April 28th, 2003

primary butterflies

More Answers

In response to this post, here are the final answers from people who love me ;) :

bizetsy: It's beautiful -- 60 degrees and kinda cool and cloudy, that pre-spring rains weather. You should be here because, well, duh, I'm here. Plus, taste of chicago soon. Plus, hello, fall is coming up sooner than you thought, and where is there a better fall than here? And I won't mention, you know this place, because that would be mean and cruel and teasing. And, I'm good! Weekend was relaxing yet productive, and I said to myself several times how much I rock! Ummmm I don't know that I've seen any movies lately, raar!

jezaurelle: Whew! I had to call my dad (the PhD in high energy physics) for that one! And the answer is: "If it wasn't that way, we wouldn't be here." I guess no one is really studying why electrons and protons are that way, they're more interested in the math of the particles. Looks like Darren found a field that no one's explored yet! ;)

vill: If I thought he could go nuttier than he already is, I'd say, "He'd probably go even more nutty!" but, I think this is impossible, as he's being frustratingly nutty these days. I think I may look into becoming a animal behavioral psychologist; they make a ton of dough. :)

jellybeanzulu: Uh, hello, why would you want one without a star, unless you're like afraid of being non-macho. Gimme a star, anytime. And make mine onyx black with purple paisley. :)