April 5th, 2003

primary butterflies


I'm tempted to start doing 100 words, but I don't know that I want to write in yet another journal. So, I might just start doing this here.

Of course, 100 words is not nearly enough space for all the stress and crap that's gone on in my life in the last few weeks, but perhaps it will get me past the writer's block that I've had the past several weeks.

Or it could be not writer's block exactly, but more 'not really having time', as I'm going to town halls and writing presentations and organizing technology cutovers and writing emerging technology assessments and meeting minutes and attending conference calls. I don't even have time for AIM lately, much less writing.
primary butterflies

100 words (Tea time)

Today’s excitement was tea at the Drake. But, not only were we late (my fault, thanks to following mapquest directions, instead of using my brain), I’d forgotten to make reservations, being distracted with work insanity. Happily, everything turned out fine, and we had a lovely 2 hour tea complete with sandwich-sushi, scones, mini desserts, and baby showers everywhere. We decided that any showers thrown for us shall be there, as it’s very swank, down to the spacious bathrooms. Tea was followed by dinner at Heaven on Seven, which I’ll have to try again, being in a caffeine-sugar-coma this time around.
primary butterflies


it's odd, but trying to write just 100 words a day makes me want to write even more. Like about Heaven on Seven and the lady with the way too short skirt that was hiked up way too high, and the woman with an inch long ring, and getting my candles and seeing J and the girls and my eye rolling with L.

but I'm tired and need to roll my clocks back.
primary butterflies

daylight savings

for those of you who participate (darn you arizona and indiana), don't forget to set your clocks ahead and lose that hour of sleep tonight.

hooooo and I have too much caffeine in my system (2 pots of tea does this to you I hear), that I'm not going to be able to fall asleep anytime soon.