February 27th, 2003

primary butterflies

Everything's breaking...

My watch broke yesterday. I need to get a good, scratch-resistant one to replace it.

And after I spent 2 hours at the car dealer getting the maintenance done on my car, I found out that it's leaking oil from the head gasket, and that the engine is burning oil, and I need a rebuild kit -- all told, $2400. So, it's definitely time to buy a new car, and guess where my bonus money is going? I was already kind of thinking about getting a new car anyway; I guess this is the push to go do it.

So the question remains, do I get a used Nissan Maxima (CarMax has a '01 20th edition (227 hp) for $20k, which has almost all the features I want in a car, but is a 5 speed manual instead of a 6 speed), or a new 2003 maxima (255 hp, 6 speed, runs ~$30k), or do I stay with the saturn dealer, trade in the SL for an L series, and get the $750 loyalty discount and 0% financing (and only 182 hp, 5 speed)? I don't think either of the Nissans have financing deals right now.

I guess I have until April to think about this, as that's when bonuses come in. But, suggestions are welcome, especially if you've owned a saturn L series.
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