February 25th, 2003

primary butterflies

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Last night, after getting my last work call at 6:15 (ugh), my mom came over around 7 and we heated up leftovers (which are overflowing my fridge, thank you), and then watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the tv show follow up, My Big Fat Greek Life. The movie was very cute, and John Corbett is oh so hot. Too bad his real self is sort of ... hot-challenged with the way he dresses and such, but it looks like he's possible cleaning himself up. But John Corbett has some other TV committment (seems to be Lucky, according to IMDB), and isn't on the show.

What's the deal with rental prices skyrocketing, though? It was $4.29 per movie to rent -- it's almost better to just buy the things, at those prices. If I watched movies more than once a month, if that, I might look into netflix.