February 7th, 2003

primary butterflies

So the fasting had some good news

I got the results of my cholesterol test back today (which I had to fast the entire morning for, as you may have read). It's good news, compared to my last cholesterol test, and I wasn't even trying to lower it!

In May 2001 my overall cholesterol level was 191, and today's tests show it as 173.

My good cholesterol (HDL) is at 66, up from 61.9. My bad cholesterol (LDL)is down to 84 from 110 at my last test. That means my ratio of HDL to LDL is now 3:4 instead of 1:2, which is rockin'!

My triglicerides are up to 115 from 95, but that's still within normal range.

I know it's a kind of silly thing to be happy about, but it's really showing me that I'm much healthier now than I was 2 years ago, and that puts a smile on my face.

Plus, my allergies are under control, my sacroiliacitis (the hip-to-spine joint) doesn't bother me anymore (probably due to fewer pounts it's having to deal with), and no one in my family has had any major heart, lung, diabetes problems, and I'm pretty happy.

My doctor kept asking me if anything else was wrong, and I kept saying no, and she joked with me, "We'll find something wrong with you yet! I'm not used to having such healthy patients [as most of the other doctors have been in practice for 25 years so most of the clientele is over 70]!"

My doctor is awesome. it's so nice to have a doctor that's 2-5 years older than you, and the same sex, and doesn't treat me like I know nothing about my own body. When I tell her my sinusitis is acting up again, or my SI Joint, she does a cursory examination, as she knows I'm quite familiar with my chronic conditions, and then takes care of me.

Now if I could only find a dentist I like as much as the one I had in Champaign. The one I have now is okay, but not nearly as wonderful as the one I had previously.
primary butterflies

Love gone sour!

Mmm, so good!

No, I'm not talking about relationships, I'm talking about the baskin-robbins flavor of the month. Oh my word, it is so good! Cheesecake and cherry ice creams with cheesecake pieces and a swirl of sour cherry ribbon. Yum. I'm afraid to admit it, but it's better than chocolate and peanut butter!