January 20th, 2003

primary butterflies

The good and the not as good

Good things:

  1. vanilla-almond tea on a cold day

  2. working from home

  3. long underwear! (especially when home is cold)

  4. doggie therapy (you can not help but laugh and feel good when your dog is acting like a maniac by doing laps around your very small backyard, and then hopping up on the deck and trying to hoover up as much snow as doggily-possible)

  5. Overwhelming response to a drastic haircut

  6. Bean stew with cornmeal dumplings for lunch

  7. Lunch with Kat on Sunday, which turned into most of the early afternoon, since we haven't seen each other in forever

  8. Warm sheets

  9. Driving downtown with Alice Peacock in the CD player. (I desperately wish I could be singing along with John Mayer on Bliss)

  10. New Corie Icons!!

  11. Letters from The Society for Applying Common Sense to Stupid Sayings

The not as good things:

  1. Realizing I don't know how to talk to this pretty interesting guy in my small group. I spent the evening overhearing his comments on relationships to a friend of mine and being insanely curious, but was already in a conversation about border collies and dogs, and couldn't go butt in, even if it wouldn't have been rude.

  2. The Illini Men lost in basketball twice this week. Snif.

. . .

I like it when the good outweighs the not-as-good 11 to 2.