December 12th, 2002

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H E L P! Yearly Suggestion Request...

Last year's request for book titles for my sister was an amazing smash hit -- she's raved about the books I got her, and requested more of the same for her birthday/Christmas. So, again, I call on the LJ brain trust for some help here in the recommendations.

My sister likes books that are on a level with the (now-defunct) Oprah's book club. She doesn't go in for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Tom Clancy type novels, so those would be bad recommendations.

Poll #83044 Birthday Novels

Recommend me a book to purchase for my sister:

for my later benefit: suggestion list
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I'm writing in an attempt to get something done. I've tried to start a project 5 times and just keep staring at a blank page. I know I don't want to do this, and I know I should do this, but I just can't get over that "activation energy" to get myself going. I've told myself just work on it 5 minutes, and I can't even do that. I can work on this for one minute, but it mostly involves me staring at the screen for an hour.

I've got an outline done for my christmas letter, which is something, but it's not the work they're paying me to do right now. And I'm not sure how the photos turned out, really. I think some serious photoshopping will be necessary, here. Or, as zen_raven said, I can do a collage sort of thing. Enh.

And now I'm going to get up and walk for a bit to clear my head and then try and write this draft of a silly email that is causing me so many problems.

hmm. sema doesn't detect winamp v3 music.
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I hate it that I get sniffly when I'm trying to talk to my boss about something that's upsetting me. It's not professional at all.
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