December 3rd, 2002

primary butterflies

one of these days

I will write down all the stuff in my head. Unfortunately, it's not going to be now, or likely today, as I need to get off the procrastination train and into work.
primary butterflies

random thoughts to fill the void while I don't feel like writing anything personal and deep

  1. It's snowing out, again. Today we have big fat flakes that crystalize on your eyes and hair and nose. For some reason, this makes me happy.

  2. I'm not getting nearly enough sleep. I think I'm going to stay home tonight and take care of house stuff and get to bed early, if I have to take a benedryl to do that.

  3. I've got to do laundry tonight.

  4. My ears are chilly.

  5. I'm going to Asheville for Christmas!

  6. I need to look into advanced obedience classes for the puppy, or work with him a lot more.

  7. Or maybe I should get a second doggie.

  8. I'm tempted to play hooky (again) and sleep. Snowy days are the best for curling up inside a warm bed and sleeping.

  9. I should be working on my impact statement instead of writing this.

  10. I'm probably going to be posting a lot today instead of writing the above impact statement.
primary butterflies

King of Kings

Nothing gets me more in the Christmas Spirit than hearing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah. Everytime I hear it, I have to resist the urge to sing along in the cafeteria line (or at least that was today's challenge). The song always brings back wonderful memories of being on stage at Orchestra Hall (now Symphony Center) in downtown Chicago with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus when I was a member of the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus. We'd have to trundle downtown in the bus, and wait backstage for the first half of the Messiah; we'd file on stage after intermission, and wait until the chorus starts.

The waiting was always worth it, because this was one of those times that I adored being a Soprano I. Granted, I adore the entire Christmas caroling season for the descants, as well, but there was something different about the Hallelujah Chorus. Maybe it was watching an entire theater stand up and sing along while we got to sing at the top (both pitch and volume) of our lungs, or perhaps the music.

And I'll even sing along now, though my high-G is a bit rusty.
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