November 19th, 2002

primary butterflies

More procrastination

Since I wasn't going to make it into the office by 9 am, due to my mad procrastinatin' skillz this morning, I took my conference call on my cell and ended up stopping at Cost Plus on the way in, after the self medication of a skim raspberry mocha. My mom informed me that I was responsible for bringing the wine for Thanksgiving, and she'd like me to bring a couple bottles of the Norton merlot I'd given her before. I've got my own virus protection company, plus a vineyard; I'm too cool.

I ended up spending $80 (before 9:30 am) to restock my supply of Norton wine, because of course all I had from my previous purchasing deal was one bottle of sauvignon blanc, obviously not a merlot.

And it looks like I'll need to go back Thursday, as the cashier said that's when they'll start selling their seasonal beaujolais, which is supposedly quite excellent and is the only thing she serves to her friends and family at the holidays. It sells out every year, which is a good sign.


I'm getting tired of wearing my glasses; I've been out of my contacts since Friday in preparation for the eye exam Thursday, in preparation for the surgery this Friday. The prescription's just a bit out of date, which makes driving a wee bit more nervewracking than usual, especially at night. I can manage for 3 more days, I suppose.
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