November 18th, 2002

primary butterflies

Back to work, cha cha cha

I think there's a correspondence between the number of posts I make and the amount of work I have to do.

I haven't checked my email since the 7th, and I've got 134 unread messages so far -- and that's only going back to the14th; I still have a week left of messages to download. Yie. This means I'm going into work and closeting myself in an office to get through these, as I know I'm not going to work if I'm at home; I've been too sloth-like lately, thanks to my vacation.


There's a lot more that I need to write; I may end up doing some of that in my paper journal, as some of it's just that blather-on-get-thoughts-out-of-my-head-randomly stuff.


Eventually, I need to write about vacation, if only for my own record. Maybe after I plow through the email today.


It snowed Saturday night after we went to sleep, so we woke up to a carpet of white. This confused the Wrigley-puppers, but he had fun eating the snow and being the recipient of snowball throws. Too bad it melted after a couple hours.