November 6th, 2002

primary butterflies

what a (rather productive) day

All the things I did today:

  • catch squirrel

  • return library book

  • get flu shot

  • waste time making more user icons
  • schedule consult, exam and lasik surgery all to occur on or before nov 22

  • get squirrel removed from house

  • mail out about dinner on sunday in CA

  • freak out about the details of the CA trip because I'm that kinda detaily person

  • feel the love from rene who is awesome

primary butterflies

pre-vacation to-dos

  • check voicemail

  • write transport team agenda and send to stephen
  • Weigh in
  • clean lawn
  • think about renting dvds for plane trip

  • set vm vacation message

  • pack (list all on its own)

  • move necessary stuff from purse to daybag
  • clean catbox
  • set up evite for dinner?

  • wash jeans

  • fwd email to web account just in case

  • buy dvd/cd case?

  • get mocha

  • return library book

  • fill out vacation thing at post office

  • fix chec website
  • clear off stuff on tivo

  • buy cat litter/food
  • get cash

  • cancel meetings

  • print out e-ticket

  • buy DC adapter?
  • call/email cass re: ride plans

  • take doggie to boarders

  • set OOF message
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