October 31st, 2002

primary butterflies

self esteem and worries in my head

I'm making a promise to myself today: I'm going to write 10 minutes a day, either in my paper journal or privately here, with all the rambling thoughts in my head. Ever since I've started my online journal, I've not done a paper journal, and the paper journal was where I'd do a brain dump of all my thoughts/hopes/fears/questions/insane blatherings. It cleared my head and was rather therapeutic. Right now, with work stress, and life stress, and lots of just stress, I can use that therapeutic-ness.

I also need to figure some better method of organization. I need to brain dump my life and get some goals set for what I want to accomplish, at work, at home, wherever.

And, I find that I stick to my promises to myself better if I make the announcement publicly. So here that is.