October 30th, 2002

primary butterflies

day's comparison

yesterday: varmints in the flooring
today: empty trap in the attic, no varmints in the ceiling, cute-ish (points subtracted for gen-x goatee) exterminator guy visit
yesterday: dog unable to eat his kibble
today: dog wolfing down wet food, and wet food mixed with kibble
yesterday: itchy itchy itchy
today: one pill to fix that, still itchy.

2 out of 3 makes for a pretty decent day.
primary butterflies

ice cream for dinner counds as dairy and fruit if you put raspberries in, right?

I'm having a particularly cute kind of day, today. I think it has to do with the headbands. It could also be the 11 lbs I've lost since September, too. Or, really, both. It's amazing what a trend line will do for your motivation.

But a rather bizarre thing has been happening on that end, as well: I really haven't been that hungry at all. It'll come upon time for dinner, and food just won't sound good. Last night I had ice cream for dinner, because nothing (even fast food) sounded appetizing. It's not been one or two days that this has happened; it's been several. I'll get around to 8 pm and have been so busy I didn't even think about eating.

I believe someone's replaced your usual maigrey with folder's crystals. I'm not exactly complaining, as there are times I'm hungry and do eat, and I've been asking for help in the willpower and sticking with the eating less, and I it seems that's exactly what I'm getting.

Perhaps I shall get some extra exercise in, while searching for my lost motivation.
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