October 25th, 2002

primary butterflies

Waiting for daylight savings time to end

I just can't seem to wake up before 7 am these days, no matter how early I set my alarm. I think it's because it's nearly dark out, still, at that time.

... so many other thoughts running around in my head, it makes my stomach hurt.
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primary butterflies

computer goodness

Don't step on the usb portion of your web camera. It will squish and become totally unusable. Come to think of it, don't let your dog step on it, either.

The result is that when you go to best buy to buy a new camera instead of appropriating another unused one for work, in the hopes that a new one will quit crashing your computer constantly, you will also spend another $179 on a 120 GIG hard drive, since your 14 Gig HD just doesn't handle your digital photo and mp3 needs any longer. You soothe your splurge with the fact that the drive had $50 worth of rebates, so it's only about $1/gig of space.

Plus, with the gi-normous amount of space, you can soothe your consience by offering space for the wonderful icons that you borrow like a bad crack habit, thus, feeling warm and fuzzy.
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