October 8th, 2002

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Camp Work Weekend

Last weekend was pretty good, all things considered. Friday night, after a frantic packing and preparing for dog sitting, I headed up north to the camp I basically grew up at, for a volunteer work weekend. I'll admit, the main reason I went was because swoobysnacks and his darling wife S were going, and I haven't seen them in years and years; I'm always hesitant about camp, because of th not-so-great situation my last year there, that I tend not to go to things for fear of what people think. (Well, at least I'm being honest, and I've definitely improved myself in the last 10 years, but still).

I'm so glad I went.

I was reunited with one of my absolute favorite counselors when I was 10 or 11, and she instantly recognised me and told me how cute I was as a camper. I also got to catch up with the aforementioned swooby and wife, and several other camp people, and hearts was played. Let me tell you, hearts with 8 people is just weird.

swoobysnack's impression of michaelangeloIn any case, after a terrible nights sleep (new place, camp mattresses), it was off to stain a portion of the lodge. It was an enjoyable job, though cold enough in the morning that I had to put my ear warmer headband thing on. Of course, the job was more enjoyable by the fact that S and I got to gang up on Michaelangeloswoobysnacks, as I had two years of this to catch up on.

I'm not sure if I got more stain on the building or on myself and my clothes. I think the building won, but barely.

down to the ewok villageAfter lunch I went down to help split logs, which was totally cool: they have this hydraulic log splitter, and it's mesmerizing to watch the logs just crack in half. I was only down there for about 10 minutes, before S ran down to tell me that the boys were going on the tour.

I cannot tell you just how amazingly impressed I am by what they've done to this area, which used to house two girl-scout type platform tents. more of the ewok villageMy first thought was, "Wow. I really want to be a camp counselor again for a summer." Unfortunately, I'm grown up and have a mortgage and a dog to consider, alas. But all these cabins and the work that went into it was spearheaded by swoobysnacks, and I'm even more impressed with that man that I usually am. I might even let the jokes about phone calls slide from now on. (ha ha ha right)

Even though I can't come back as a camp counselor any longer, I know I'm going to be going back for the two work weekends a year and offer my assistance on a committee if that works out, because camp will always have that special place in my heart. I guess you can take the girl from the camp, but you can't take the camp from the girl.

And lest I give swoobysnacks too much of an ego boost, let's recall this moment of the weekend:
Don't feed them after midnight!

(and of course I can't forget to thank zen_raven for puppy-sitting, so all this could happen)

Edit: How could I forget this? I just had to stop and prove to vill that I really did hike to Bong State park about a zillion times over my summers there:
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