September 23rd, 2002

primary butterflies

thoughts before bed

  • it's almost my favorite time of year -- I had to turn the heat on when I was working from home today!

  • I love working from home, because I:

    • get a lot of work done and feel accomplished, and

    • get to watch what my dog does all day when I'm away

    • which is to say, I get to watch him sleeping.

    • He's so cute when he sleeps

  • I need to get a copy of photoshop on this laptop, so I can make icons without the pixels hating me

  • And while you're checking people out, you should ask vill for her PAH recipe

    • And if she says it's a family secret, she's pullin' your leg.

  • I should sleep now, for tomorrow?

    • The dentist.

    • Blah.

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