September 3rd, 2002

primary butterflies

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Things I'd rather be doing instead of working:

  • sleeping

  • walking my dog

  • making all my friends read The Lovely Bones

  • watching the US open

  • napping

  • picking up Red Rabbit from the library and hoping it's better than Rainbow Six

  • checking out my gold box (which currently holds a glider rocker, a swing stand, some flat panel speakers which look interesting, more speakers, and a handheld bird hunting game?)

  • visiting Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, LA, San Diego, Irvine

  • sleeping

  • calling up friends and singing the story window song to them

  • writing in my sister's and zarobi's circle journals

  • chatting on AIM

  • curling up with a mocha and a good movie

  • napping

Things that even work is better than:

  • dishes

  • laundry

  • fixing the deck

  • pre treating the deck for staining

  • staining the deck

  • cleaning the cat box

Did I mention that I'd rather be sleeping?
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