September 1st, 2002

primary butterflies

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Somehow, I don't seem to have a whole lot to say, These days, I'm thinking a lot of things, but I can't seem to find the urge to articulate them, or write them down on paper. Lists are so much easier -- they're one liners, and don't need to be expanded upon. Journal bites, instead of sound bites.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I seem to always bury myself in books when I don't feel like dealing with the outside world. It's so much easier to be immersed in someone else's fantastic world, than my own boring world which includes doing the dishes and work stress. In books, your dog doesn't act like a brat, your cat doesn't shed all over you when giving you affection, the tivo never breaks, and the dishes never have to be done. It's a bubble bath for the soul.

Speaking of books, if you haven't read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, go read that, now. Don't pass go, don't collect $200; hie thee to a bookstore or a library and acquire this. It's one of the most thought provoking and well written books I've read since White Oleander, and it stays with you. I may attempt to start my book club based on this book. I've sort of let that drop to the side.

. * .

I don't know if marigold's dream catcher works to keep away the bad dreams, as I never usually have bad dreams. I've certainly had more vivid dreams since I put up the dream catcher (though I need some fishing line so I can mount it from the ceiling instead of from the ceiling fan). Last night, I was Spy Barbie (but me, not Jennifer Garner), and I had to escape by flying a 747 which I didn't quite manage to land on the water properly, but escaped and saved the day nonetheless.

I woke up with a sore back; That must have been a workout.

I think now I will go find my glasses, see what crazy outfit Serena Williams is wearing today in the US Open and eat ice cream for breakfast, because I can. Then it's shower time, and off to Lou Malnati's to meet friends from out of town for lunch, and scope out the logistics of getting frozen pizzas for those Chicagoans stranded in Minnesota.
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primary butterflies

on careers

I should become a pet behavioral psychologist. Those folks charge about $200 per visit! And then I would know all the answers as to why my dog is suddenly freaked out about going outside. He was fine until last night, when the people behind me had a party, and people sitting on their porch, and Wrigley just freaked out, and the entire day, he'd whine at the door to go out, and then turn right around in an attempt to come back in as soon as he was outside, instead of going out to do his bid-ness.

Same thing tonight, after he'd eaten his dinner. For those of you who don't have dogs, they have a gastro-intestinal reflex that causes them to need to poop about 30 min or so after they've eaten. I fed him before I sat down to watch CSI, and thus when I let him out after it was done 40 min later, I knew he needed to go, because I didn't think he'd gone all day, either. But no, same thing; he needed encouraging to get off the port, and even then he kept trying to run outside. I felt like a mean mom, since I kept telling him, "no, you can't go back in there" and yanking on his tie out. I had to keep doing this outside for about 10 minutes before he de-freaked enough, or got the point through his not-that-smart German shepherd head that he needed to leave me some presents or he wasn't going to get back inside.

But ugh, what do you do about that? And now, I need to clip his nails, and he's even more of a fuss budget about that. My cousin said he just flips his lab on his back and does it that way. With the way Wrigley puts up a fight, I may need to flip him on his back and sit on him to get this done.

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On pizza, and other things labor day

It scares me to note that for the last year or two, "sleeping in" means sleeping until 9 am. This is a definite sign that I'm Getting Old. I wish, sometimes, that I could do my power sleeping until 11 pm, as the feeling of waking up on a lazy weekend day is amazing; even if it means the rest of your day is shot. Now, however, even when I don't set an alarm, I'm up by 9:30 at the latest.

I can't even turn back around and return to sleep, as I feel obligated to let the puppo out to relieve himself, and then I'm up for at least an hour, since I've found that once I get out of bed, I need to stay out for an hour or so, before I can fall asleep again. Just one of my idiosyncrasies.

I got an email from my dad today, and I'm kind of disturbed by it. Not because he lectured me about my driving (he thinks I don't leave enough space between me and the driver in front of me), but because he didn't call me, not even when they got home to Arizona, letting me know they were safe, nor on their weekly Sunday calls. I got a Sunday email instead.

To be fair, I didn't call them, either. But it makes me wonder if the fact that I still live where they visit once a year causes more damage to our relationship than my sister, who rarely visits them at all. She doesn't have to deal with the stepmother at all, as they never visit her, so my sister doesn't show my dad how annoyed Sue makes her, thus giving them better footing to have a relationship upon. I, however, have them in my home every year, and get driven up the wall; I'm also not very good at hiding my feelings.

Had lunch today at Lou Malnati's, to visit with Lorah and Joe, who were in from California visiting family. It was good to see them again, and it reminds me that I have all sorts of friends in all sorts of places that I want to visit on a regular basis, but I also have a limited amount of money.

Sigh. I should call my dad, or email him, and just bite the bullet about the things that bothered me about the visit.

Instead, I will probably go walk my dog.
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