August 22nd, 2002

primary butterflies

I'm just a list, sitting here on capitol ... hill?

  • pay bills
  • install key hook shelf

  • clean foyer floor

  • clean off pass thru

  • clean off dining room table

  • run dishwasher

  • F: Garage door people
  • call TiVo
  • call Cat

  • update chec webpage -- email Judy

  • write letters (HW, nicejody)

  • write tentative process for outages?
  • mail rebate check

  • call frau doktor about insane back pain
  • find out what check 3330 was for...
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primary butterflies

fun at the Frau Doktor's

The background: two years ago, I started having this donut-hole sized pain on the right side of my lower back; this started two weeks before I was to move up to my new job in the Chicago metro area. I went to my doctor in Champaign, who diagnosed it as an inflammation of the sacro illiac (SI) joint, or sacroillitis, and got me into one physical therapy (PT) session before I had to move , all on the university's health insurance. She was able to diagnose it so quickly because she'd had it as a child and they had to give her a cortisone shot in the joint, and from experience, that was very painful and if PT fixed things, that's the way to go.

The PTs used iontophoresis to inject an anti-inflammatory (likely a steroid), directly onto the pain. This, while making my back feel like it was on pins and needles for 10 minutes, relieved the pain immensely, so I didn't feel it anymore. Once I got to Chicago, I got re-diagnosed with sacroilitis, and started 8 weeks of PT, complete with iontophoresis. This pretty much healed the problem, and although I would get occasionally get flare-ups, repeating the exercises I'd learned in PT would calm things down again.

... until about a week ago.

The pain has been getting worse and worse, despite the exercises and the aleve I've been taking. I was in enough pain at 9:30 in the morning, just sitting at my desk that I was pondering going home already. Instead, I made a call to the doctor, and she was able to schedule me in first thing after lunch.

I adore my doctor: she's nice, friendly, around my age, and generally a pleasant person. After a two minute visit, she confirmed what I already knew -- my SI joint was unhappy. I walked out of the office with a handful of prescriptions -- litererally! She wrote up an order for a series of x-rays, some tylenol-3, gave me some samples of prescription strength Aleve, and then also wrote me out a prescription for a year's worth of allegra, allegra-d, and flonase for my allergies, so I can send them into the mail-order service. I also had to have blood drawn, to see if something there was the culprit.

So now, after stopping by the hospital on the way home for the x-rays, I have 15 tablets of tylenol-3 (well, 14 now) thanks to the wonderful guy at the outpatient desk who offered to run my prescription upstairs to the pharmacy to be filled while I got my x-rays taken. Alas, he wasn't there when I left so I could thank him.
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