August 13th, 2002

primary butterflies


  • buy $25 gift certs for team
  • talk to Rob D re: where these WARN pages are coming from
  • set up meeting for circuit reconciliation
  • send out email for ops review
  • work on preparing ops review
  • update quicken
  • call cleaners

  • do dishes

  • put washers in toilet tank

  • clean cat box

  • put away laundry

  • update chec webpage -- email Judy

  • install key hook shelf

  • clear off pass-thru
  • clear off dining room table
  • write tentative process for outages?

write letters (jezaurelle, gucky, matinee)
make hair appointment
write check to camp
send off duplicate title request
prune tree/bushes (trushes?) in back
primary butterflies

last straw

Okay, this is IT, I give UP, I'm calling a plumber. I need my toilet fixed before my dad and step-mom get here
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