July 20th, 2002

primary butterflies

random thoughts

  • Finally finished round 3 of the circle journey for zarobi

  • My dog decided that 11:45 pm was a great time to start barking and run insane circles outside on his tie out, and play 'let's have mommy chase me'

  • I've gotten a lot done on my list of things to do, and even added a lot more that weren't originally on there

  • But I still need to make the phone calls

    • to the airline, before spooble gets disappointed

    • to the cleaning people, because I desperately need to schedule a one-shot cleaning and bi-weekly visits

    • to the treadmill people, because there's something seriously wrong with my treadmill.

  • Played online network settlers of catan for the first time in ages (not the crappy java version)

  • I'm having issues anchoring my new shelf into the wall

    • eventually I will learn and take to heart the 'measure twice, cut once' adage, instead of measuring once, and cutting twice

  • vanilla rum and pepsi? Awesome.
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primary butterflies

weird dreams

So, before I went to sleep last night, I couldn't find my cell phone, which is usually always on my hip. I searched the house once, and then found it on my on my bed -- I'd either pulled it off absentmindedly while talking to jellybeanzulu, or it had fallen off.

I guess this was so traumatic for me that I also ended up dreaming that I lost my phone and was running around for this entire time trying to find it. Hnh.
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primary butterflies

Today's list

  • find fan for upstairs

  • move dog crate upstairs

  • call:

    • UAL(grr. need to call them on Monday.)

    • cleaners

    • treadmill ppl need to call on Monday

    • bank for lien clearance

  • update chec webpage -- email Judy

  • replace flush valve

  • install key hook shelf

clean fridge
clean bathrooms
sell stock for cc
call ABC prop managers and ask about auto direct deposit