June 26th, 2002

primary butterflies

The listfather II

  • write Ron keywork email

  • update PC

  • talk to Jason about mentor/feedback

  • call Claire

  • call salton-maxim and get rice cooker manual

  • go grocery shopping

  • eat 5 fruits/veggies because eating veggies is that good for you, D
  • walk outside for 20 min unless the treadmill is amazingly fixed
  • do laundry including dishtowels

  • call farging treadmill folks turns out I have a broken console and can't use it for two weeks, at least,as the console is backordered, arr

  • enter dante projects

  • call dealer, schedule a/c fixing appointment

start online training
set up peer review board
set up IP mgmt meetings
email response to pirics email
pick up library books
clean kitchen
renew other library books
primary butterflies

this is not my day...

I get up at 7:30
and hour later than I should
take my conference call from home
and no one shows up
make a smoothie
take my laundry and my computer downstairs
and trip and fall the last 1/3 of the way down.
Smoothie goes everywhere:
on the wall, on the carpet, on the laundry.
Of course I made my smoothie with blueberries.
After the fainting spell,
I manage to get everything cleaned up.
I will now have lovely black and blue accessories
for the summer party this weekend, where I was planning on wearing shorts.
And then I go to post, and my computer hates me.

And I'm not even at work yet.
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