June 25th, 2002

primary butterflies

The Listfather

  • Fill out PC

  • enter dante projects

  • call matt barnes to schedule LAN training for team

  • fill out & send in webmoney

  • set up proxim wireless after getting everyone and their mom to help debug it

  • start online training

  • exercise 20 min on treadmill well, turned out to be walking outside with the wunderbar spooble for company over the phone, since my damn treadmill broke!

  • eat 5 fruits/veggies no, really! go me!

  • really think about getting the a/c fixed on my car
  • f: OH10 issues
  • fix dns scripts

My list for tomorrow, so I don't forget:
write ron keywork email
update PC
talk to Jason about mentor/feedback
call claire
call salton-maxim and get rice cooker manual
go grocery shopping
do laundry
call farging treadmill folks
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primary butterflies

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I think I'm having stir fry tonight, because I'm starving, and I need to get These Damn Vegetables in.

How do people actually eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies in a day? It's a good thing we have smoothies.
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