June 23rd, 2002

primary butterflies

mmm, Hugh Grant

When kalliepeia mentioned that Hugh Grant was much hotter with the short hair in About a Boy, I wasn't really convinced.

But after watching Notting Hill, I'm definitely approving Hugh's new hairstyle in About a Boy. Yummah!

[tonight was Hugh night, actually; I saw both Kate and Leopold with Hugh Jackman and Notting Hill. I liked Jackman better as cute actor material, but Notting Hill better as a movie. Yes, Virginia, I can occasionally be That Shallow.]
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primary butterflies

Moment of enlightenment

As I lay in bed yesterday afternoon, about to fall asleep for a much needed nap, awarmth of what I can only describe of contentmentand perfectness washed over me. I realized that, at that moment, my live was amazing, wonderful, and perfect.

There was and is so much that's going amazingly well in my life: I own a house, I have a set of close friends, my job not only pays the bills, it's giving me opportunities for advancement.

I had a niggling thought, that if my life was really perfect, I'd have a boyfriend, as well. But as soon as I thought about that, I dismissed it. I could have a boyfriend, but most of the time, boyfriends seem to cause you more stress than happiness -- how often do we not understand those we date? I don't have to deal with the drifting apart that seems inevitable 90% of the time; I merely have to deal with my cats loving me too much.

I was also very certain right then, that there was a Darren to my jezurelle; a Scott to my zarobi. My Darren and Scott are out there, and when we meet up, it will be worth the wait.

At that moment, tucked under cool sheets and a warm comforter, I was, for that stretch of time, absolutely happy. I loved who I was, strengths and faults combined.

I'm still basking in the afterglow.
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primary butterflies

Attack of the List

  • return Hugh movies
  • clean litter box
  • exercise on treadmill 20 min
  • clean off pass-through
  • stop thinking about cleaning off the dining room table and do it
  • email Mike P. re: Foundry
  • start inputting Dante projects & fix already entered projects
  • fill out WW journal
  • sign up for WW online
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