June 10th, 2002

primary butterflies

my boring life, part two

I seem to function better when I make lists. So, here's what I need to get done today:

  • check & return VM

  • buy IBC soda for Larry

  • Call Satellite by Choice guy

  • find out MSS contact for billing circuits

  • Check projects for to dos

  • Schedule Harvard update

  • Call Jack B

  • Mail father's day card

  • Mail S and L's birthday cards

  • Clean cat box

  • Empty trashcans

  • Write B postcard

  • Buy envelopes for L and S

  • invite R and S to extreme lunch?

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(no subject)

Whew, now that I've made all my calls and such, I'm off to go work from home, which is what I'm normally supposed to be doing on Mondays. Unfortunately, I was just so exhausted this morning that I knew if I stayed home to work, it would end up more as sleeping. So now, I'm heading out to get sushi for lunch, plus some envelopes.

But, anyway, let's talk about you: what song are you currently hooked on?

p.s. - don't forget about the solar eclipse tongiht!
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primary butterflies


So I went to the post office today while working from home, and guess what?

On June 30th, the post office is hiking the rates again. Not to $0.35, not to $0.36, but yes, to $0.37. Get ready for the penny stamp invasion.
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