June 5th, 2002

primary butterflies

I get an A for procrastination!

Traffic really sucked this morning, ugh. And I'm looking at all this email that I need to go through -- probably on the order of 100 messages, and that doesn't count the voicemails that are blinking at me. And I'm wearing sandals today, even though it's oogy outside, because walking around in wedges yesterday for a mile or so was Not Smart.

Hopefully I'll wake up before my eye doctor appointment :)
primary butterflies

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Finally! I have caught up on ALL my email, and it only took me 4 hours! I haven't touched my voicemail yet, though, and I'll probably put that off a bit.

And since I'm in a silly mood, I'd like to state that today, I'm all about adoring the traceracer, because she has crazy dreams about cheeseburger eggs (I'm thinking we're some sort of cosmic twins, perhaps), and honeybadger, for making me laugh.

And how could I have forgotten the bizetsy, who I love and totally admire, for the email and the motivation to get back on the treadmill! xoxo girl!

Oh, and trace-a-loo: if I swung that way, I'd definitely ask you out! :) :)
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