May 19th, 2002

primary butterflies

On movies...

My mom and I decided to go do a movie marathon yesterday. it was fun and all mom-kid-bondie; I even found out that my unwanted tendency to chew loudly is definitely an inherited thing. The short breakdown of the movies:

Episode II: Enh. Sorry, I can't go along with the general public on the rocking-ness of this movie: more on this later.
Spiderman: Good! Unlike in the trailers, the red red red hair on Kirsten actually works. Also noted: Tobey has really huge eyes.
About a Boy: The best of the lot! Perhaps it works because Hugh plays a character seemingly much like himself? Also noted: Hugh is definitely starting to show his age.

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primary butterflies

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Okay, I just watched Never Been Kissed, and I am so much more in adoration of Michael Vartan, if that's possible. And he had a crush on Drew Barrymore, so I've already got that going for me, eh?

Now I just need to console myself with the season finale of Alias until October, as I don't think I can subject myself to Madonna's The Next Best Thing, even for Michael baby.
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