May 15th, 2002

primary butterflies


I really want to buy a car. My air conditioning is going on the Saturn.

I really don't want a $400/mo car payment.

I really hate that it takes so much work to get a car.

Should I just get the car and deal with the car payments? Sigh.
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    really wishing a car would fall into my lap.
primary butterflies


Must get title for Saturn so I can trade it in.
Must sell some ESPP stock, which is currently at 16.61!! Well now, 16.62! Do I do this today or tomorrow?

Must buy new car.
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    oh no down to $16.53
primary butterflies

A reminder...

Refreshing your stock quote constantly after 3:30 central will do you no good, because that's when the market closes.

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    amused amused